Volunteer Positions

Cub Scouting is a family organization and will not work unless each family accepts its responsibility to participate. We need volunteers for several Pack positions. Please indicate how you plan to help by writing your name in the blank for the position you can fulfill. The Pack works well when each family can fulfill a leadership position in addition to their son's den participation.

 Role  Description  Commitment  Current Volunteer

Todd Zielke
Committee Chair

Den Leader


Mike Buss
Chartered Organization Representative

Jamie Buss

Awards Coordinator1. Collect awards required from each den
2. Purchase awards at the Scout Shop
 1-2 hours every monthRobert Merkov
Pack Trainer1. Inform leaders of required training including Youth Protection status
2. Track training that leaders have done on training spreadsheet
3. Learn about available training courses and communicate to leaders
4. Work with Cubmaster and new Tiger Cub parents to form den and find leaders
5. Help leaders run successful dens
2 hours/month and additional 2 hours in September.
Attend monthly Committee meetings during that time.
Ed Griebel 
Webmaster1. Update website with new den information
2. Update mailing lists for new den and leaders
3. Assist leaders with posting activity and other information on website
About 4 hours in September, 1 hour/month afterEd Griebel 
Popcorn Coordinator(s) Run our Pack’s Primary fundraiser.
1. Attend Popcorn training
2. Distribute order forms, prize flyers, and money envelopes to boys and keep Pack informed of important dates
3. Collect all popcorn and prize orders/report sales
4. Arrange popcorn pickup/delivery
5. Ensure popcorn account settlement with Council and Cub Accounts
About 25 hours of time from September through November. Attend monthly Committee meetings during that time. Eric Ford
Pinewood Derby Coordinator(s) 1. Coordinate Pinewood car purchase, rules handout, registration, weigh-in
2. Coordinate Trophy Order/Pickup
3. Coordinate Track/timer setup and tear down.
4. Coordinate Bake Sale
About 25 hours of time from November through January.
Attend monthly Committee meetings during that time.
Blue and Gold Dinner Coordinator(s) 1. Coordinate Ticket sales with Pack families
2. Coordinate dinner ordering/pickup of food with Refreshments Coordinator
3. Coordinate printed program and interaction with Boy Scout Troops.
4. Coordinate Cross-over ceremony
About 15 hours of time from January through March.
Attend monthly Committee meetings during that time.
Decorations Coordinator 1. Create Marching banner for Pack to be used in Memorial day parade
2. Create bulletin board at School with photos from Scouting events.
3. Coordinate decorations with dens for Blue and Gold
One time project, plus 4 hours per month to consult with Committee. Open
Refreshments and Food Coordinator 1. Coordinate food/drinks for Pinewood Derby,  Blue and Gold, End of year picnic and other Pack events
2. Ensure Pack has store of plates, cups, napkins, silverware, ready for events.
Up to 4 hours per month to consult with Committee via email or in person. Open
Newsletter/Communications Coordinator 1. Compile announcements and awards into template monthly to create Pack Newsletter
2. Create flyers, put announcements on website
3. Upload Pack Newsletters to website
3-4 hours per month Open
Recruiting Coordinator 1. Coordinate Spring and Fall recruiting events 10 hours in May, then August/Sept. Open
Camping Coordinator 1. Coordinate Pack Camping outings including Cub Scout Adventure Camp 10 hours per year Open
Historian 1. Reach out to past Scouts/Parents and gather rosters, photos, where-are-they-nows from the old days.
2. Create and maintain archives offline and/or online of past Pack information.
1 Hour per month Open
Copymaster 1. Make copies of Pack newsletters, programs and other flyers. Availability of copier and small amount of time per month to make copies Open