Cub Accounts

All Scouts in Pack 107 have a Cub Account.  Your cub may have money in that account if he participated in a Pack fundraiser (Popcorn).  Part of every fundraiser is to raise money for the boys to participate in as many of the cub programs as desired.  The money is managed by our Pack Treasurer and a report is given to your den leader every month.

What is the balance of my son's Cub Account?

Ask your Den leader how much is in your son’s account.

How do we use the money in our Cub Account?

To use money from your account, a receipt and signed Reimbursement Request Slip must be given to the Pack Treasurer. The Pack Treasurer will write you a check from the Cub Account for the reimbursement. In some cases (like Pack dues at registration time) there will be an easy way to designate that the funds be taken from your Cub Account, and the Reimbursement Request Slip will not be needed.

What can the Cub Account be used for?

Accounts can be used for:

  • Council Registration
  • Pack Dues
  • Costs for activities with your den
  • Cub Scout Adventure Camp Registration (for the Cub or Adult Partner)
  • Pack Activities
  • Uniforms, Handbooks and other items from the Scout Shop. (Make your purchase and submit your receipt to our Treasurer)
  • Pack 107 Class "B" Uniform T-shirts

What happens to left over funds?

Cub Accounts are carried over from year to year as long as the cub is in our Pack. If the Cub leaves our Pack and transfers either to another Pack or to a Boy Scout Troop, then the funds can be transferred to that Pack or Troop directly. If the Cub leaves scouting entirely then any remaining funds in his Cub Account will be turned over to the Pack general account.

We cannot pay out Cub Account funds in cash. It is the parent's responsibility to use up all remaining Cub Account funds before the Cub leaves the Pack.

How are the proceeds from popcorn sales distributed?

Our primary fundraiser for Cub Scouts, is popcorn sales. Profits from the sale of popcorn are distributed to several levels of the scouting organization. The Council, the Pack and the Cub Scout all benefit from the sale. The money allocated to the Pack pays for advancements (badges) and activities. Approximately 23% of the money goes directly to your cub into their Cub Account.

Reimbursement Form

Download, print, and fill out the Cub Account Reimbursment Form. Bring it along with your receipt for reimbursement to any Pack meeting.

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