Needed Volunteers

We have some pack positions currently open or opening up in the near future as current leaders leave when their boys go on to Boy Scouts.

Current Openings:
  • Pack Newsletter Coordinator: Based on input from the Pack Committee, insert monthly awards, announcements, etc. into an existing template to create electronic (and possibly printed) newsletters for parents at the pack meeting. Estimated time: one hour per month. Current volunteer: none
  • ...
Future Openings:
  • Popcorn Kernel: Runs the popcorn program
  • Cubmaster: Emcee for the Pack meetings. Coordinate things behind the scenes. Help plan pack meetings and outings, serve on pack committee. Estimated time: 2 hours per month + 2 hr/month committee meeting. Current volunteer: Todd Zielke
  • Committee Chair
  • Pack Trainer: Ensure that all leaders have proper training, understand training required for each position, inform leaders about available training, serve on pack committee. Estimated time: one hour per month + 2 hr/mo committee meeting. Current volunteer: Ed Griebel, leaving Spring 2014.
  • ....