Leader Training

The "recommended" courses are below. Except for Youth Protection, a course only needs to be taken once. Youth Protection needs to be updated every 2 years. Once you take a course please let the Pack Trainer know the date it was taken to track training completed.
  • "Youth Protection" (YP) - REQUIRED - should take about 30 minutes, make sure you print out the certificate as the Committee Chair will need proof you took it to register you. This needs to be renewed every 2 years and I think most leaders are due to retake this course.
  • "Den Leader Fast Start" - this is a 20-30 minute "jump start" for what you'll need to do as a Den Leader. It's optional but is a much shorter course than the full Leader Position-Specific training below.
  • "Leader Position-Specific" - REQUIRED FOR STRIP - Under the "Cub Scouts" tab there is a course for each badge. Each course reviews what the boys need to do to earn their badge. Even though it only needs to be taken once, it's a good intro for each year's activities and is a complement to the boys badge book.
  • "This is Scouting" - This is an intro to Boy Scouts of America and goes into the structure of a Pack, Council, and the national organizations, what different groups are available (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Explorers, etc.) and the history of Scouting. It will take about 2 hours or so to complete and although not required it gives great context of the Scouting program. You only need to take this once as the content doesn't change.
  • "Leader Position-Specific: Committee Member" - all leaders can take this because when you are a den leader you are by default a committee member. This course is optional but is quick (1/2 hr or less).

All the courses are available online at https://myscouting.scouting.org/ . You will need to create an account (everyone should have one already) then click on the "e-learning" link to get to the courses. You'll want to use one you've already created as that will have your Membership Number in it that the Council uses to track training for Rechartering.

There are also courses in Water Safety, etc. on the website that you can take but are optional.

Leaders that take Youth Protection and their Position Specific course earn a "Trained" strip for their uniform: http://www.scoutinsignia.com/trained.htm