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If your boy or girl is about to enter kindergarten through fifth grade, and likes to have fun trying new things like exploring nature, playing games, doing projects, earning awards, helping others, going camping, and they also like to make new friends then Cub Scouts is for them. Learn a bit more about the program below.  

Choosing a Pack

Most parents choose a Pack based on where their boy's friends are, meeting nights, and the organization/activites of the Pack. Pack 107's Scouts come primarily from Klem South Elementary School in Webster, but accepts Scouts from all surrounding schools and neighborhoods.
Like all Scout packs, our objective in Pack 107 is to show the boys how to have fun 'doing their best'. Through the pack and their dens, your family can expect a variety of events from attending local sports games/races, swimming outings, nature hikes, local history attractions, civic events, nature and conservation activities, and more. That's in addition to the always-fun Pinewood Derby, and attendance at our end of the year Blue and Gold dinner.

What Are the Costs?

The costs to join Cub Scouting in Rochester vary slightly from Pack to Pack. In Pack 107 you will pay a yearly fee to join the local Boy Scouts of America Council, and you will pay dues which are used by the Pack to fund Pack meetings, some Pack events, advancement awards for the boys, and training fees for adult leaders. Check our Registration and Dues page for more information.
Additional costs you can expect are to purchase the scout uniform and handbook for your boy, minor expenses for den activities, and costs for some optional Pack outings. The Pack Committee works hard to ensure that the cost of scouting remains very reasonable for the amount of enjoyment and learning received by the boys and their families. Some of the costs can be offset through our annual fundraising activity, the Popcorn Sale.

Parent Involvement

Cub Scouts and our Pack requires parent involvement at Den and Pack meetings. A parent or guardian will be required to sponsor the Scout and is responsible for assisting them throughout the program. Because the Pack and Dens are all run by parent volunteers, Pack 107 also requires parents to take on various volunteer opportunities. From participating as a Cub Scout Leader or Committee member to smaller leadership roles that require less commitment at the den and Pack level, it is our parents that help make the Pack Go! Unlike some sports or school activities, Cub Scouts is not "drop off the kids and leave" activity. 

When Can Kids Join Pack 107?

Scouts can join the Pack any time of year. Since our season coincides with the school year, most kids join in the Fall or Spring. A great time to join is during our joining events. Stay tuned to this website for information on dates and times.

How to Join Pack 107

Contact Kim Cashman, Committee Chairperson at  We can't wait for you to join us!

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Other Webster, NY Packs

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