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Camp Details/FAQ


Question: What is Cub Scout Adventure Camp?

Answer: Three days and two nights of fun, educational programs, and activities for Cub Scouts and their parents or supervising adults. Programs and activities are provided by trained Village and Program staff, based on the theme of the Village you stay in.

Question: What is Webelos Week?

Answer: Webelos Week is an exciting program that offers 2nd year Webelos an opportunity to transition from the Cub Scout Resident programs to full Boy Scout Camping. In this five day, four night program, Webelos II Scouts will be sleeping in platform tents just like the Boy Scouts. Campers use all program areas of Cub Scout Adventure Camp as well as the rest of Camp Cutler. Boys will have a fun filled week, make new friends, and learn skills that will help them climb the next rung in Scouting.

Question: What are the Villages?

  • Medieval Castle - recommended for Wolf Cub Scouts
  • Pioneer Fort - recommended for Bear Cub Scouts
  • High Seas Adventure (ships) - recommended for Tiger Cub Scouts
  • Native American (long house) - recommended for first year Webelos Cub Scouts
  • Mountain Man (tents) - recommended for second year Webelos Cub Scouts

Question: Where is Cub Scout Adventure Camp?

Answer: Camp Cutler, approximately 30 miles south of Rochester, near the Village of Naples.

Question: When is Cub Scout Adventure Camp?

Answer: The first three-day session starts on Thursday, July 7th. Subsequent sessions start on Sunday or Thursday, with the last session starting on Sunday, August 7th. Arrival is 1:30 -2:00 PM the first day; departure is after the closing campfire on the third day (about 8:00 PM).


Question: Why do Cub Scouts go to Adventure Camp?

  • Have FUN with their friends and parent(s)
  • Great programs and activities
  • Make new friends
  • Prepare Webelos 2 Cub Scouts for Boy Scout summer camp (Massawepie)

Question: Why do parents go to Adventure Camp?

  • Spend quality time with their son
  • Have FUN; be a kid again
  • See the Scouting program in action


Question: What programs and activities are provided?

  • Archery
  • BB gun for Webelos or youth 9 years or older, Slingshot for younger
  • Fishing and boating
  • Aquatic activities in swimming pool
  • Field sports and games
  • Nature
  • Village activities based on Village theme
  • Crafts
  • Campfires and skits
  • Flags - morning and evening
  • And much more

Question: We went last year, why should we go again?

Answer: Each Village is designed to provide a new and different experience based on the Village theme.


Question: Are meals provided at Cub Scout Adventure Camp?

Answer: All meals are prepared and provided in the Dining Hall by a professional food service company.

Question: Where do campers sleep?

  • Each Village provides enclosed sleeping quarters with wooden bunks or cots, with mattresses - you only need to bring sheets/blankets or a sleeping bag, and a pillow.
  • Wooden bunks, with mattresses, are in the Castle and Fort pods, and the High Seas ships.
  • Cots, with mattresses, are in Mountain Man tents.
  • Wooden bunks with mattresses in Native American.

Question: Do male and female leaders sleep in the same quarters?

Answer: No, male and female leaders will be placed in separate sleeping quarters (generally with their child and other Cub Scouts).

Question: What about toilet and shower facilities?

  • The Castle, Fort and High Seas have both indoor and covered outdoor flush toilet facilities.
  • Native American and Mountain Man have covered outdoor flush toilet facilities, with indoor flush toilet facilities available in the nearby dining hall/pool complex.
  • The Castle, Fort and High Seas have indoor shower facilities.
  • Native American and Mountain Man use shower facilities in the nearby dining hall/pool complex.

Question: Are medical staff available?

Answer: Certified medical staff is always available on-site.

Question: Is Cub Scout Adventure Camp regulated?

Answer: Cub Scout Adventure Camp is operated in accordance with New York State Health Department regulations for summer
youth camps and National Boy Scout standards for resident camps.


Question: What is the fee?

Answer: $130 per camper for Traditional Camp (youth and adult).
$30 is due for each camper with the application; an additional $50 is due on March 22, 2011; and the remainder of the fee must be paid by May 2, 2011.

A.$230 per camper for Webelos Week for youth and $160.00 for adult. $30 is due for each camper with the application; and additional $100 is due on March 22, 2011; and the remainder of the fee must be paid by May 2, 2011.

Question: Are fees refundable?

Answer: Fees are not refundable. However, fees may be transferred to another new person (not someone who has already
signed up).

Question: What if a Scout becomes ill or has to attend summer school?

Answer: Partial refunds will be considered for medical reasons or summer school. No refunds are given for playing sports.
Medical cancellations will require a doctor’s note; summer school cancellations will require a note from the guidance
counselor or other school official. A cover note needs to accompany the doctor or school note detailing the Scout’s name,
village and session they were planning to attend. Phone number and address must also be on the cover letter. The $30
initial deposit per person is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance. After June 30, contract commitments increase
the non-refundable fee to $50 per person regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Question: What if a Cub Scout cannot afford the fee?

Answer: Campership applications are available through the Camping Department (241-8545) at the Scout Servicenter.
Campership awards are based on need. A Cub Scout who needs financial assistance is generally asked to pay at least
one-half the fee through fund-raisers, personal or family resources, and/or the den or pack.


Question: What if I can’t go with my pack or no one else from my pack can attend?

Answer: Come anyway. Cub Scout/parent teams often sign up separately from their pack because they cannot come to the
session selected by their pack. As you may expect, they quickly become friends with other members of their Village. Some boys arrange to meet their new friends at the same session the following year.

Question: What if a Cub Scout wants to go, but his parent cannot go?

Answer: A great opportunity for a grandfather or other adult family member to go to Adventure Camp with the Cub Scout!! The Cub Scout can also come with another adult who is approved by the Cub Scouts parent and the pack, subject to the adult to youth supervision requirement. The adult to youth supervision requirement is one adult for each four (4) youth in a Village.

Question: Can older and younger Cub Scouts go to the same Village?

Answer: Yes, while programs are generally oriented towards a certain age level in each Village, the Village and Program staff
will make adjustments to program based on the ages of Cub Scouts attending the Village. However, the Mountain Man
program is designed for 2nd year Webelos, so this Village should be restricted to that age group.

Parent Guide and FAQ

Download and print this guide. It contains what to pack, FAQ's directions, typical schedule of events, etc.

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