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Popcorn Sales

Special Prize Information
  • $600 Club: Every scout who sells $600 or more of popcorn will qualify for a Zing Firetek Rocket.
  • Any scout who fills an entire order form earns the Fill a Sheet Patch from Camp Masters.

2019 Popcorn Sales Important Dates

Event Date
Popcorn Sales begin. Popcorn order form and information arrives to registered Cub Scout mailing address and you can start selling popcorn

All Sales sheets and Initial Payments due 
Popcorn Distribution TBD
Scouts deliver Popcorn to customers and collect final payments TBD
All Final Payments due 

Should we collect money before we deliver, or when we deliver the Popcorn?

If possible, please collect payment when the Popcorn order is taken. If our pack collects enough money to pay for the popcorn order when we order it, we could possibly receive our prizes early.  Otherwise, we have to wait until December/January to get the prizes our scouts earned!  If you can not collect the payment early, collect when you deliver the popcorn.

Can we accept checks and who should it be made out to?

Yes, you can accept checks. Often a check is helpful to people who would like to receive a tax deduction for their donation. Checks should be made payable to BSA Pack 107.  You are responsible for the dollar value of the popcorn you sell.  If a check bounces you will be responsible for covering the fees also and retrieving it from the customer.

How do I set up online sales for my Cub Scout?

    1. Go to
    2. Click the yellow "Scout Sign In" button
    3. Select "Seneca Waterways Council" from the drop down menu
    4. Enter your scout's username.  You should have received an email with your scout's login information. 
    5. Enter your password. 
    6. Click the blue Login button
    7. You are taken to a page that displays your scout's key code.  The key code is critical to keep track of because that code is the only way online sales are credited to your scout's sales.  Customers who order online must make sure your scout's key code is entered in the appropriate field when they place their order.
    8. Click the box with the URL listed in it and copy the contents.  You can use that link to post on facebook or share with family members.  The link will automatically carry the key code to the ordering page.
    9. You can also click the red "4 Steps" link on that page and it takes you to a page where the popcorn system will create an email for you to send to recipients of your choice.  Notice the email that pops up from the system.  The email the system sends will be sent as if it came from the email I entered in the system as your email.  If the email is not correct, let me know and I will change it.

      When we are done selling, how do we turn in our sales sheets?

      TBD will collect all sheets and money and will email everyone with collection information. 
      You MUST do the following:
      • Put your Scout's full name on every form.
      • Put your phone number on every form.
      • Choose a prize for your Scout based on how much they sold, and indicate it on the form.  Online sales count toward your total sales and prizes.
      • Total the columns for popcorn types ordered and total cost.
      • Put the total of online sales (if you sold popcorn that way) in dollars somewhere in the upper right hand corner of the form.
      Failure to follow directions and complete forms accurately makes the popcorn distribution VERY difficult.

      When will we deliver the Popcorn?

      Popcorn will be distributed by den leaders to their respective dens on or after November 15.

      How are the proceeds from popcorn sales distributed?

      Profits from the sale of popcorn are distributed to several levels of the scouting organization. The Council, the Pack and the Cub Scout all benefit from the sale.  The money allocated to the Pack pays for advancement (badges) and activities. This year scouts receive 32% of their sales in commissions. 75% of these earnings will be deposited into their Cub Accounts and 25% will go to our Pack. Example: Joey sells $100 in popcorn, he earns $33 in commission. He gets $24 in his Cub Account, the Pack gets $8 for Pack events.


      You can go the Seneca Waterways website to find more info and also extra copies of order forms that you can print.  Here is the website:

      Camp Master's Popcorn