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Our Committee

The Pack Committee consists of all interested parents who work together to plan out the activities of Pack 107. The Committee's members can volunteer for behind-the-scenes duties that administrate the pack, such as Committee Chair, Popcorn Coordinator, or Activities Coordinator. Other parents elect to directly lead the youth of the pack as a Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, or Cubmaster. The Committee meets on a monthly basis to coordinate pack activities. All parents are invited to attend any of these meetings anytime and to Volunteer Now!


Currrent Pack Committee

Position Person
Chartered Organization Representative
Pack Committee Chairperson
Pack Trainer
Assistant Cubmaster
Outings Chairperson
Advancement Chairperson
Popcorn Chairperson
Pinewood Derby Coordinators

Committee Volunteers Needed

Find out more about these roles and how you can help Pack 107 keep going STRONG!
Popcorn Coordinator(s)
Pinewood Derby Coordinator(s)
Blue and Gold Dinner Coordinator(s)
Decorations Coordinator
Refreshments and Food Coordinator
Newsletter/Comms. Coordinator
Recruiting Coordinator  
Camping Coordinator  

Den Leaders

 Tiger Den Leader
 Tiger Asst. Den Leader
Wolf Den Leader
Wolf Asst. Den Leader
Bear Den Leader
Bear Asst. Den Leader
Webelos I Den Leader
Webelos I Asst. Den Leader
Webelos II Den Leader
Webelos II Asst. Den Leader

Committee Org Chart

The Cub Scout pack is run by a leadership committee that is organized according to the chart below. A detailed description of each of the pack functions is listed here.