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Our Dens

Dens in Pack 107 consist of 6-8 kids. The den number is assigned at the beinning of the Tiger year and sticks with that group of boys throughout their Cub Scout program. Each den is designated by the rank they will achieve when they reach the end of the Scouting year. For instance a Wolf Den is working toward attaining their Wolf badge by the end of the Scouting year.

Parents, view your den page below for information from your den leader!





Tiger Cub

First / 6-7 yrs. old


Second / 7-8 yrs. old


Third / 8-9 yrs. old



Webelos I

Fourth / 9-10 yrs. old



Webelos II

Fifth / 10-11 yrs. old

Cub Scout Advancement

Here is an excellent website that clearly lays out the requirements for each rank.
Another way to look at the Cub Scout Program is the Cub Scout Cycle.