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Den Chief

What is a Den Chief?

A Den Chief is an older Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturer that wants to work closely with, be a friend to, and act as a role model for the Cub Scouts in the den.

How does having a Den Chief help the boys?

A Den Chief is a role model for the boys, demonstrating responsible behavior and also showing the boys what a Boy Scout is really like. He is also someone familiar that the cubs will know when they visit and eventually join a troop. Hopefully by working with their Den Chief they will see that they too can be Boy Scouts and will continue in Scouting.

How does having a Den Chief help the den leaders?

During the course of a meeting, a Den Chief can help organize the opening and closing ceremony, help the cubs with a project, and lead the cubs in a game or activity at a pre-scheduled time or when they need some distraction.

What are the requirements for a Den Chief?

A Den Chief needs to be a registered Scout, recommended by their senior patrol leader and Scoutmaster, and approved by the Cubmaster. Ideally the Den Chief will be at least a couple years older than the boys in the den.

How do I find a Den Chief?

  1. Discuss your need with the Cubmaster or the Pack Trainer. The Pack has relationships with a number of local Boy Scout troops that are familiar with our Pack and our need for Den Chiefs. One important question they will want to know is what day(s) during the month you meet. 
  2. Once a scout is selected, you will want to meet with them and their Scoutmaster, or our Cubmaster or Pack Trainer for an informal interview and to discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Den Chief. 
  3. If there is a good match, you two can decide when the scout starts is new role and when he is introduced to the den.

What training does a Den Chief need?

There is a half-day Den Chief Training course offered by the council. The training calendar is located at http://www.senecawaterways.org/calendar_nu.php?type=2

There is also a Den Chief handbook that has information about what it means to be a Den Chief, their responsibilities, and some practical tips and activity ideas.

What supplies does a Den Chief need?

  • Den Chief Handbook
  • Den Chief Badge
  • Supplies for activities and/or games as needed, but the scout should be resourceful in providing this
These are all available from the Scout Shop.

What are a den leaders responsibilities?

  • The den leader and assistant den leader should involve the Den Chief with their regular den meeting planning sessions.
  • The den leader should ensure that the scout is properly trained, including formal Council training and informal training based on topics in the Den Chief Handbook.
  • Guide the scout towards the requirements for the Den Chief Service Award cord: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/MeritBadges/dencf.aspx

Need more information?

Please contact cubmaster@pack107webster.org or packtrainer@pack107webster.org for more information about getting a Den Chief, being a Den Chief, or other questions you might have.